Grade 5

Prince Albert


Having a home is important. My home is great because I have people I love in it. I have all my nice things like video games, and my skateboard. I feel safe and loved and I always have good food on the table from my mom and dad.
If I didn’t have a home I would be depressed and wonder what it’s like to have a home. Not being able to have the things or people I love around me would feel lonely and I would be very sad.
A way we can help people feel like they have at home is by making our communities more friendly. To help our communities feel safe and like a home we can be nice and helpful. We can water our neighbours plants and get to know them. We can play with the neighbor kids.
Making the world feel like a community is hard for one person. It would be easier to do it with friends and other people. If we work together we can make a difference by volunteering and donating money to help less-fortunate people.