Grade 4

Bright's Grove


What home means to me.

At home, I can eat yummy food with my family.

Home makes me feel safe and comfortable

I have a home where I can stay warm.

I come home seeing my cat happy to see me and I’m happy to see her.

I feel lucky because I have a home not like some people who don’t have lots

At home I have a roof over my head unlike some other people with not so much.

Home is a warm, welcoming place, and cozy place to be.

When I come from school sometimes my dad is there with some treats for me and my siblings to eat.

Home is where I play with my little kitten and read my books.

Home is where I have my warm bed when I sleep at night when it’s cold and makes me all warm.

At my house I can play on my computer with my friends.

At my house I can watch movies on my couch with my family and my friends.

When I’m at my house I have water to drink and food to eat unlike some other not so lucky people.

At home I am thankful for everything I have and own like my cat.

At my house is where good memories are created with my family and friends.

That’s what home means to me and I’m thankful for everything I have.