Grade 4

Owen Sound


Home means laughter, love, and falling but getting helped back up again. Playing soccer and kicking the ball around just for fun. Getting a band aid because the rock was too hard. Going figure skating but falling too many times. Getting her ears pierced. Trying to find four leaf clovers and making wishes on them. Driving to the end of the rainbow to find a pot of gold. Home means a child standing at the door on Halloween saying ” trick or treat! ” Collecting candies and sorting out rockets from gum. Choosing a costume for next year just to get ready. Walking out in the rain just to get some candies. Home means a couple expecting. Waking up in the morning and going to the hospital to see their new child. Home means a happy child being given a gift on Christmas. A doll handmade by their grandmother. A child being given their first Christmas gift and an Easter egg hunt with happy children crawling around the ground trying to find an egg. A surprise egg with a child’s favourite candy in it. On Remembrance day a child standing at a grave of their granddad. Complaining that the poppy is poking them. Home means playing board games on a rainy day. Saying yes when you win and it’s okay when you lose. Reading stories before bed. Saying ewe when the princess kisses the frog and saying that you would never do that. Getting pizza delivered for a movie night. Choosing which flavour to get. Watching the kids sing for church. Not knowing what to sing and asking what every word is. Watching the kids grow old then have children themselves. Home means more than living in it. It means growing old in it. Having memories in it.