Grade 5



First I would like to talk about my parents. Let’s talk about my mom if you don’t listen to her she will become a savage she’d lock our phones us make miss something exiting. Now let’s talk about my dad you don’t want to mess with him he is bossy when you do something you’re not Supposed to. Now let’s talk about my parents together they can Get really hard to deal with like when They tell you what to do and you don’t do it you don’t want to know what happens. do you want to hear about my siblings?

I would like to write about my siblings. My two brothers are also really hard to deal with. My older brother is really BIG and has a fat butt. My younger brother is tiny and really weak.

Now I will talk About my pet dog. My pet dog is an American chocolate lab that is a very cute dog. My dog’s name is Hannah banana. She is super adorable. Her fur is so fluffy when you pet her. Hannah Loves to chew on ropes, bones, balls and sticks.