Grade 5



If you think of the picture on the wall they’re all the memories you made, and all the people who come and go in your life. Sometimes we take for granted with all the stuff we have and forget the people who don’t have all the stuff we have, and sometimes you have to show that you’re great full for your house and all the stuff you have. Sometimes you should just be great full.
One thing that makes my house so great is that I share it with the people I love my family. When you have a bad day and you come home to your family you automatically feel better .One thing you should never do is abandon your family because family is everything. To me family is everything.
When I come home from a trip or a sleepover it feels so good to be home. When I’m at home I feel relaxed, happy and safe. To me home is a pace where I can be myself and have fun. My home makes me happy.