Grade 4



Home. Home I guess could be more than my home is to me, but I think home to me is not home,without my lovely amazing wonderful family, it would be just a house. My home has my family, and I am glad it has my Dad who stays up late and comforts me, by doing so I know I’m not the only one awake. My Mom makes meals for me each day and my sister who brings so much joy to me and my family, and my little, or big dog whose eyes you see and black fur you don’t. My grandparents that live across the road and my other grandma and uncle who live a little farther away( No more than 10 minutes.) Without all these, it would not seem like my home.
To me, my home in the night is a fort of pillows which makes me feel comfortable and safe. In the morning, it is one of those things that cover a plate so that it stays hot! In the afternoon, it is a resting area and in the evening a living room. But with all those things; wonders and beauties, Jesus is my favourite part about home!
There are many memories in my home. There’s being with my Mom or Dad in their bed, watching something with my family, and having my whole family over.
There is a huge difference between house and home. My home is where I am writing this, in a house, I probably would not be for most houses I go to are not my home.If I called my friend’s house my home, it honestly would not be my home. I don’t think my home could be home without my little sister’s laugh, my Mom’s smile and my Dad’s jolly voice. Even my dog’s lovely beautiful bark that tells what she wants. I love home. Jesus is there.