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Home is where my feet are grounded no matter where I am in this world.
My spirit my soul is at home.
Home is where my friends and family are, home is where I feel safe.
Home is where my story started, home is where I can be myself.
Home is where I live.
Home is where memories are made, home is where laughter is.
Home is where you grow up.
Home is where we have loving parents or a parent.
It doesn’t matter if you have two moms, two dads, a mom and a dad, just a mom, or just a dad.
It doesn’t matter as long as you have someone loving in your home to care and protect you.
This is not always true for some people.
Some people don’t live in a happy home or even have a home.
Sometimes people get taken away from their home and get put in a new home. Most of the time this home is good but sometimes it’s not and children get mistreated.
We have to fix this and little by little we can.
We are building homes for those who don’t have somewhere to call home.
We are helping those who are having trouble keeping theirs.
So if we help those who have no home or those who are having trouble, we can make sure that all children have a happy home to grow up in.
Then the world will be peaceful, but until that day comes we have to keep on helping and giving support.
Most importantly, we have to hope things will change and eventually things will.