Grade 6



Home is where peace and love,
You can see by that beautiful white dove.
In the air it is so bright like the stars in the night sky.
My loving parents, my brothers and my dogs. Are the ones I love and especially the others above. The angels sing and dance which we love.
Not everybody has a home which is very sad. Here is my Poem my mighty words,
The church bells and respecting the bluebirds.
Home is where the weather changes. Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring But just remember one thing.
That homes are where family grows And the ones who don’t have a home Can love and know,
That the ones you love are very special, So don’t ever lose them,
Or you might feel dumb Because you have lost a special cost.
A family, a friend, a teacher and a book. Can make you take a look.
To make you realize that you need a lesson That you haven’t got the best first impression. On how you act, how you play,
How you pretend, I just have one thing to say Respect your home
Respect your dance
I’ll tell you that you only have one chance
To make a difference To make a stand
To all the homeless people, In the land