Grade 6

British Columbia


Since I was little, I have always been lucky enough to have a home to wake up in and
fall asleep in each day. And while not all people realize this, a home is not only that.
If you were to search up the definition of “home” in a dictionary you would find, “the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household”, but even the people who own a HOUSE would know, a HOME is so much more!

When I close my eyes and imagine I am in my home, I can just see everything! Not
only the furniture, but the love within it. I believe that love is what completes a home. I
cannot imagine my home without love! It would not have the black leather couches my family and I sit on after a long day, to watch TV shows together! It would not have the wooden table and our tall patterned chairs in the spots we sit in every evening to eat a nice family dinner together, while playing trivia! It would not have our adorable dog who greets us like he hasn’t seen us in a decade every time we get up! It would not have anything in my eyes, after all, I think every part of my house, including the people, have love somewhere in them!

I am a lucky girl to have never had to feel unsafe in my home. I pray that those who are suffering can eventually have a turn to feel this way. They need to know they are loved and cared for; to no longer feel alone in these tough times of sorrow; to be together and not have to worry whether they are safe in their shelters at night; and lastly, to be happy! I want all families to get to experience a feeling of love like no other and be able to remember it through their growing years! To never have to feel unsafe and know their family was always there for them.

Family is what makes your house, home. There is no love without a loving family. And there is no trust without a trusting family. So what is left in a home without your family? A blank canvas, a skeleton structure, a house.

I do not care how big or small my home is. I do not care what colour my walls are. I do not care if my home even has a yard! The outside is not what makes the home, it is the inside.