Grade 5




A house is just a place where you live, but a home is somewhere you can feel safe, comfortable and cozy.

A home can have many feelings. Sometimes there can be anger and sadness, but there can also be happiness and laughter. Home is a special place.

Home is somewhere you can play and have fun. Home is a quiet and peaceful place where you can think. Every home is different and unique in its own way.

My home smells fresh like the breeze on a summer day, it makes me feel warm inside. My home is somewhere i make jokes with my sisters and laugh a lot. My home is when my dad does things even when we tell him not too. My home is my sister, Lily walking around the house screaming and disturbing people. My home is my dog, Daisy barking at people and squirrels. Home is my dad making dad jokes with my friends and embarrassing me. Home is somewhere i can smile even when i am feeling sad.

My home is special because of my family and the way they make me feel every day. I think everybody should have a home to call their own.