Grade 5



Home is warmth, family and memories. These are some stuff that is really into home. Home is more than a house, it’s where I belong.

Home is warmth to me. It’s being around a hot fire with my family. It’s feeling welcomed to snuggle up in the bed and eat popcorn. Drinking hot chocolate makes me feel comfortable. In the kitchen making the hot chocolate and laughing makes me feel home. The hot tub blows bubbles on my back. The warmth in the hot tub is like blowing memories back. All of these examples of warmth are home.

Home is family. It is all the loved ones surrounding me row by row making me feel safe. They always know what’s best for me. We never leave a Colling behind. I can’t think of my family without my mom, my dad, Ethan and Brett. They always treat me with respect, kindness and love. Family is movie night on the week-end ordering fast food. Family is special.

Memories are love and family. Memories of all the trips to Florida, Kincardine. Memories bring me back to where I belong. Memories of putting the first ornament on the Christmas tree with my mom and my dad lifting me up to hang my ornament from JK. The great memories are of a cat climbing up to the top of the tree with my mom having to clap to get her out.

This is my story, it’s different than yours probably. My home is all those great memories, my family and warmth. Habitat for Humanity is offering a home for people so that they can find their story.