Grade 5



Home. It’s such a small, simple word, but what does it mean? I believe that home is something that everyone deserves to have no matter how rich or poor you are, what skin colour you have and no matter what gender, you should always have a home. For me, when I think of home I see my family. I have a very caring, welcoming and loving family. I see home as a place where you are welcomed, where you feel safe, and you always want to be there. Home is a place where you build relationships. It’s a safe place when you are sad and mad, and a place to celebrate when you are happy. I know that I build relationships with my family when I play a game with them, eat with them, share things with them and listen to their stories. Home is not just about the building, but who you are with. When I feel warm and safe, I know that it’s the people that make me feel this way, not just the walls and roof. That’s what home means to me.