Grade 4



(In my opinion)
Home is a place that is cozy, safe and warm. Your parents’ will always comfort you. Your bed is always there when you need it, and when you feel down you can cuddle with your stuffed animals. There are toys you can play with and you always stay nice and clean when taking a bubble bath. All the bubbles are fun to pop and the water is warm. Home makes me always wonder what other homes look like or feel like! My sister and brother, we fight sometimes, but we will always love each other, play, watch TV, and have fun with each other. My mom always makes me feel better when I’m down and my dad makes me laugh my head off! And I love them all, but most of all me and my family spend time together and help each other. There’s always a couch that we can sit on, and play games. We have to do homework too, but we do it no matter how long or how hard; I’ll do it. But what home means to me is loving and helping each other!