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British Columbia


To me home is my room where I sleep and get ready for school. Home is my house where my family plays games. Home is my street where I play street hockey with my friends. Home is where I go rollerblading with my mom and brother. My home is my community where I go to the outdoor rink(ODR) and play hockey with my friends. My home is in Manitoba where I go snowboarding with my family. My home is Canada, the place I want to travel around. My backyard where I have an ODR and have fire with my family and friends. My basement is where my dad and my brother play mini sticks. My living room is where I have Christmas and celebrations and where we have fun. My kitchen is where I eat my food and talk a lot. My lake is where I have a lot of fun with all of my family and all my friends. I’m grateful I have a home because some people don’t have homes and they don’t have food or Christmas and celebrations. My second home is Lilac Resort where my family and I spend almost all of our summers. A third home to me is snowboarding anywhere. It is like a home because it’s really fun and I enjoy it a lot. My home is pretty big but I have to share a room with my brother because there’s only two bedrooms on the second floor and one in the basement so I will move to the basement when I get older. When I get older, I want to get a decent size house and live in a nice area. My dream house has a pool in the backyard, a hockey rink in the backyard and a snowboarding hill. Inside there would be three bedrooms. The way down would be a slide and up would be regular stairs and on the roof there would be a helipad for a helicopter.