Grade 6



Home is a place I like to stay
Home is a place where I like to play
Home is a place where I can feel safe.

When I am at home I like to bake
And when I am done I like to play
When I play I go to the backyard
And I swim, I swim very hard.

In my home when there is a storm my
Mom makes me warm and when I am mad
My brothers make me glad.

I think no one should be alone and be able to
Have a home it makes me mad ad also so sad
Because we all should have a home and not be alone
And experience new thrills and pay off our bills.

This is why I want everyone to have a home
It’s not a luxury It is a right and we are there
Only light so let’s all make a donation to help
The poor experience a hug, a kiss and a home.

So that is what home means to me and that’s
How it should be and I want everyone to make an
Act of kindness because we should all have a home.