Grade 6

Salmon Arm
British Columbia


What I call home

Home is where I feel safe and have lots of peace, it’s where my sadness is decreased.

It´s where I belong and where I grew up, and sometimes where I mess up.

It´s where I can be myself and where I find my worth, to me this is the perfect earth.

It´s where my heart gets warm because I´m loved by my family and friends, and sometimes where relationships end.

It´s where I make funny memories that I won´t forget, where I feel comfort by my family and my pet.

Home is where you learn new languages, home is where the heart is.

Home is where there´s kindness, happiness and joy it´s such a relaxing place with so many helpful people to enjoy.

Some call it a house but I call it home, I´m so thankful for this amazing place that I call home!