Grade 6

New Brunswick


House is a place with light and heat,
It’s a place formed using bricks and walls,
Just a simple place with some of your needs,
A house is a place in need of love.

Home is anywhere or anyone,
It could be your family it could be your friends,
Tis an extraordinary place filled with love,
Having a home makes you feel like a lottery winner,
Never forget: home is where the heart is!

Habitat for Humanity can save people’s lives,
They give people a shelter to call their own,
Because they know: everyone deserves a home,
They do it to make things right.

I wish everyone had a safe place to talk,
A place where they can laugh,
A place to have fun,
A place to make memories,
A place to share traditions,

Home isn’t luxury it’s a right,
Home is the best place to be,
Home is my favourite place to be,
A house isn’t nearly as special as home!