Grade 5



People think “home” is a place with a roof and a bed with a blanket to warm you. But, it can be a box on the side of the road or an apartment, a house, a mansion ,a hotel, a castle or anything really.

To me, it’s a place with family and/or friends. A place with warmth and harmony. But that’s not all it is, it’s a shelter where you can stay. A building or a place you like and love. Close to the people you love. With stuff you like and love. Expensive or not, home matters.

People who are rich sometimes buy expensive things to make their house look good. Others don’t. At my house, there are nice expensive items and not so expensive items that are still nice. I love my home. It’s filled with memories and things I love. My family and I have fun creating those memories here and at others homes too.

There are steps to building a house but it’s not a home without you to put pictures on those walls and to celebrate holidays then it becomes a home. The mess`s in the home come from you and it’s up to you to clean them. I love my home and I hope you love yours. That’s why it’s my home sweet home.