Grade 6



Home is a place where we feel safe.
Home is a place we like to gather.
Home is a place we like to play.

Home is a place where all the good
Times and bad times happen.
It’s where we hang with our very best friends.
While we eat our ice-cream blends.

Home is a place that keeps us safe from weather.
It’s where we like to think that It’s all ok.
Where nothing bad can happen because we know we’re safe at home.

When I walk home to see the smile on my
Mom’s face It makes me feel warm inside.
When my dad come in the house I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

When I feel lonely the only place
I can think about is home, and how some people
In the world don’t have that.

Even though me and my sister fight
Right now It’s quit alright because
We know we’ll be just fine because we’re at home.

For some, home is not a big deal because they think
They’ve got it all. But when you think of all those
People in the world that don’t have a home it makes me frown.