Grade 5



A home is not just a place that you live in, it’s a place where your family makes you feel happy, secure and loved.
It’s where you can open up and show your true emotions and not be afraid of being judged and humiliated.
It’s where you feel respected by others and you respect the other people who live there.
A home is where you feel wanted, you aren’t just told how special you are, you believe it on the inside.
It isn’t just somewhere you stay, like for instance a hotel, you stay there but you probably don’t feel at home.
At home you feel relaxed, not overwhelmed like when you’re lost somewhere and that box is closing down on you. You don’t like it and want to get out. Or when you feel you’re going to get in trouble when your parents call to talk to you.
A home isn’t just a building it’s somewhere you feel loved, special, safe and happy.
A home should be safe, secure, stable and reliable.
When you’re at home you should feel warm and cozy, even if its cold because that warm and coziness is you feeling at HOME. It’s where you should feel happy and not grumpy and lonely.
That’s my take on what home is to me and should be like!