Grade 5

Brentwood Bay
British Columbia


I love my home. I think everybody should have a home. No one should take their home for granted. I know.

Last year me and my family decided to rebuild our house. In order to rebuild our house we would have to move into our friend’s trailer which was parked in our yard. It was fun at first. We moved into the trailer in April, it was an adventure up until August, then the cold started and the rain started. Me and my little sister were sleeping with a flannel sheet, a duvet and two extra blankets. It was one of the wettest Septembers on record, and the trailer sprung a leak. By the end of September we were done with trailer life, but it took three more weeks until we could move back in.

Home is where you should feel safe, loved, warm and dry. A home should feel like your own. The trailer felt like home at first, because it was an adventure with my family. After a while, I felt anxious to get back in the house…..our home.

Living in the trailer taught me that I am so lucky to have a safe, warm, loving home. I think home is something that everybody deserves.