Grade 5



Home to me
Is my family
Every time im blue
They always had a clue
I know why
Everyone would cry
My grandpa died
And i just cried and cried
Until all my family
Came right home to me
I stopped
And thought
I love home
Because its the calmest zone
I love my mom
Because she’s a super bomb
Full of energy
Like she’s always free
My sisters
Are like a game of twister
Ther sweet
Like the heat
I love my dad
He’s not bad
My dad is cool
Just like a pool
Im funny
Just like a bunny
This is why i love home
Cause it’s as nice as Rome

Home is a place where I can be myself without being scared of getting judged. It’s a place where I can enjoy hanging out with my family and have fun. I always love watching movies because they make my mom laugh which is really funny, the best part is when my dad leaves the room for 1 min. He came back and everything was a mess. I love my family so much I have 7 siblings but it’s really fun when you get used to it. My home is a place I feel safe and I’m not scared that someone is going to hurt me. I know that for a fact because my dad wouldn’t let anyone touch me, my dad is fun to be around we watch scary movies as long as I don’t freak out like a chicken. My mom always supports me in whatever decision I make, she likes to do all sorts of activities with me and my oldest sister because the others have a different mom so they don’t live with us. My sister is funny but she’s nice and she always includes me if i’m able to do it. My other sisters are mostly annoying except the little ones, because the other ones always fight each other and I don’t like it. My home is very crowded you would say but i say it’s a big cozy place full of people with different personalities and no one is the same, I find I couldn’t ask for a better home then my own. Have you ever doubted your home well guess what I haven’t it’s the best place I could think of I get to see my life better than if I had a horrible family. My family is calm but still very energetic. When I get home from school I go to my room and take a short nap when I wake up. My dad is home from work and cuddles him and watch him play on his nintendo, and it’s so funny because my dad gets frustrated if he dies non stop witch makes me laugh a lot.