Grade 4



Hi, I’m Mya and today I’m going to tell you what home means to me. To me my home is where I can free draw without a certain way. I can read any book I’d like. I can order books online. I can play a game. It sometimes upsets me to think I have two homes when some people have none.

I have new clothes every day. I can help to clean. If I have a bad day my dogs are there to say it’s OK. I can plan sleepovers with my friends. I can talk to my friends in the comfort of my own room. I can take a car to school. Home is where I hang my hat and coat. Home is where I am free. I eat fresh food. I am lucky enough to sleep in a warm house. I have healthy dinners.

The privileges my family has are we are able to have a clean room. We can have family nights. We like to have a movie night every other Friday. How movie night works is, we all get a little slip of paper and write the movie that you think the family will like. Then we all put it in a bowl. Then my dad will draw one and whatever it is we will watch. We have some limits of what we can watch.

My dad has a good job so he can pay bills for our house. here’s a poem I wrote about home

Welcome home

Hang your hat and your coat

A stable roof

Lie on down brrrrrr

Oh, that’s warm

That’s a very cozy blanket