Grade 6




A home has love and comfort

A home is joyful with glee

A home fills me with support

That’s what a home means to me.

A home welcomes you

with open arms

A home doesn’t

mean any harm.

Homeless can’t fight

For their rights

When they have

No home in the night

Your house may have

Generations to go

But love is a present

Tied up with a bow

Open windows

Open doors

Loads of love

for the poor.

A house may have

A roof and walls

But in a home,

Nobody falls.



We can give this

to the homeless

The homeless tend

To struggle with gloom

So, we need to help

Their lives bloom

And in my home

We all care

In my home

My family’s there

We have goodies just to share

Like sunglasses that give us blare

But homeless people don’t have much

And we have the special touch!

We can give them food and money

Just because their lives aren’t sunny

We can help them build their home

Habitat for Humanity won’t

Leave them alone!

We have safety

We have love

We have freedom

Like a dove.

We have a lot of food

To have a nice brunch

And the next day

To have a nice lunch

But homeless doesn’t have

A lot of food to eat

And they’re probably getting

Beat in the street

So, let’s not brag

Let’s not boast

Homeless need our

Love the most!