Grade 5

British Columbia


A roof keeps me dry
Keeping my spirits high
The walls keep me safe
Allowing me to have my own space
The floor supports me
Keeping me high like a tree

All of these things make my home
Keeping me and my family safe
So I’m not alone

My family is here
All together
We can spread love
Always and forever

But there are some people
Who don’t have a home
They have to fend for themselves
All alone
That is why I’m here to write
To help these people
Take flight

Home For Humanity will build a home
So these people won’t be alone

They will have a roof to keep them dry
Which helps keep their spirits high
They will have walls to keep them safe
Allowing them to have their own space
They will have a floor to support them
Just like how the floor supports me
Keeping them high just like a tree

Everyone deserves a home
To keep them safe and warm
To help shelter them
From storms in all forms