Grade 6

St. Albert


House, is made of walls and beams,
Home, is made of love and dreams.
When your getting a house,
You walk through many different places,
But you walk in the one,
you know, that’s right.
At first it’s a house nothing,
nothing to see here,
But in you head you can see,
as though you are walking through it,
the 100th time.
Paintings on the walls,
The sent of quite delightful soup,
Your soft cushy mattress,
Feel the scruffy carpet,
The sound of the radio going.
The scent of fresh parsley growing in the garden
A home is a place you can stay dry,
You can see the beautiful full moon,
Shining through the windows.
A place with a loving wife or husband,
A place with a little girl or boy,
Running in circles.
A home is a safe place from all the hate,
At the school,
any place,
A home is a place you can say all
your secrets,
A home is a place were instead of acting,
All official, you can be crazy if you want.
A home is a place to build memories,
Most of the best ones, actually.
A home is a place you feel warm and cozy,
And are surrounded,
by things that have a meaning to you,
Nobody else but,
A home is a place you always are,
In control.
A home is a place you can laugh,
Say what’s on your mind.
When you give,
Get a hug,
you feel the warmth and love,
in you heart
Your home is made out of multiple things
About 37% happiness and love
About 24% security and safety
About 12% the sound of laughter
About 15% the smell of good cooking
Last 12% a comfy sofa
All combined 100% happiness.