Grade 5



When I hear the word home, I think of the Earth
Like little gnomes, we go to warm hearth
A home is filled with lots of love
With food and clothes and a roof above

A home has food, water and books
A table, a couch and a place to cook
A home is a comfortable shield
Not a box on an open field

A home is where we find lots of love
A place where it feels like a glove
With birds singing on the branches
No tornadoes or avalanches

Some live in luxury, some in cold air
We should change this. This is not fair
Each day I wake up and smell the fresh food
While others wake up in a very sick mood

They have the right for water and shelter
While we buy more and they’re off kilter
I hate how we treat them, It makes my head ache
Forever they stay out while they shake

We have to fight, we can make a difference,
If we do change, it will be a beneficence
We should not live under a cardboard dome
That, my friend, is what is home