Grade 5

Red Deer


Home makes me feel happy.

Home is where you can say things and not be judged.

When you make a mistake nobody laughs at you.

When I step into home I immediately feel the love.

You will always be able to enjoy everything that you do while being at home.

When you cry somebody will always comfort you.

You can always try new things and your family will compliment you on your creativity.
Home is where you can let the sunshine stream through your blinds.

Everybody will love you, so do not worry, it has your back.

When I step into home, my inner light shines just being at home.

Home is where you can go when there is a thunderstorm. It’s not a shelter, it’s better than a shelter, it’s home.

It doesn’t matter if it’s leaky or creaky, it’s still home.

Home is where you can always be yourself.
Wherever my family is, that’s home, whether it’s a hotel, or if it’s the streets, it will always be home, wherever my home is.

Home will always welcome you, whoever you are.

Home always will love you whatever you do and will always be there to welcome you forever.