Grade 5



Home is a feeling inside all of us. It’s no building made up of bricks or wood. It’s the feeling of being loved, safe, and happy.

It’s waking up to make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Home is that special place where we grow up, and will always look forward to coming back to. We will all have our ups and downs in this place, but that’s what makes home so special. Even though we dream of the most luxurious houses, ultimately, we could never leave our true home. When we walk into our home we have family, friends, love, and shelter.

It’s the comfort of knowing you will live in a place that doesn’t judge. You will gain new and close bonds that can never break. Every feeling inside of you can be expressed in this safe place. There will be many bad things in your life, but this fun place will always cheer you up no matter what happens. If you are ever feeling down, you will always have someone and something to lean on.

We don’t realize how lucky we are to have a home that makes us feel loved, safe, comforted and not judged. It’s such a privilege that we take for granted. We all have good memories, big or small and it will always cheer us up.

It’s a small amount of money that can change someone’s life. Will you give the people not just a house, but a home?