Grade 5

New Brunswick


Hi, my name is… I am ten years old. I am here to talk to you about something that touches my heart. I hope it touches yours too.
Families all around the world have hardly anything but they are grateful for what they have – like family. I feel that families around the world that have little, or nothing, are happier than families that have a lot.
Here is a story that happened to me. I went to the Dominican Republic. I saw so many sad things. People were homeless. In our hotel, we would leave little toys and money. They were so happy about something so small. Don’t you see it? You can be happy with something so small. People tend to want more things but, money, candy, toys do not bring joy or happiness. Family makes you happy our moms and dads, siblings make us laugh when we are hurt they take care of you, they feed you, they buy you stuff. If you think you are happy because of those things, think they pay for your meals, and they buy your clothing. God gave you and me an amazing family. Thank you for reading this.