Grade 5

Red Deer


Home, a place to stay, a place to play.
Home is a place to show that you love and care.

Home is not the same as a house.
A home is what a family puts into a house.
After a family gives each other all the love they have in it becomes a home.

Wood and concrete can hold the house together, but what is the house with no family?

You can answer that question yourself.
Because I already have my answer.

My answer is, that a home with no family is no home.
A home with no family is just a house, a structure.

You must appreciate what you have, even if you don’t have a house.
You must feel love wherever you go and wherever you are.
Throughout your life you will go to many different places.
Some far and some close.
But any place you or I have lived, we called most of them Home.