Grade 5

Red Deer


I woke up from an hours long sleep and headed to the kitchen. It was still pretty dark outside, but the light from the kitchen helped to see well. The smell of bacon, pancakes, and eggs filled the air. I saw my Dad take a spatula and put some pancakes on a large plate. Even though the table was full of food and water and everyone was sitting at the table, they all waited until I sat down. After eating, my beautiful sister was the first to leave the house to go to school. My two step-brothers were also waiting, like I was, for my dad to return to drop them off at school, too. I read a book while I waited. The warm floor of my house was a great place to sit and read. When the garage door opened, I ran to the door and jumped into the car. After I was dropped off at school, I waited in line for a while until I saw my friends run to me in excitement. I thought about my great house and the wonders in it. And I thought about how my family always waited.

Once I got Home, I was greeted by my dad with a kind smile. My sister was already unpacking her lunch kit in the kitchen. I went to my room, took my lunch kit out of my backpack, and went to the kitchen to do the same thing. After that, I went to my room to write in one of 30 or 31 stories. My house creaked as I walked into my bedroom. I started to write in my story called The Parrot Tree. Reading is fun, but right now, I felt like writing. My open window blew in all the cold air from outside. It showed all the light I could possibly need to write. My dog burst into my room and put his muzzle under my arm. I pet him for a long time then went back to writing. It was now maybe 5:00 o’clock and I laid in the sun with my book in my hand while the sun lasted. My curtains pushed back with the wind and swayed sometimes over my face. I would push the curtains away for a moment, then get distracted by my book. The sun now set and the wind was colder than when it was day. I closed my window and curled into my bed. My room was cold but very nice against my skin. I closed my eyes and imagined the oceans flowing in a lovely sound. The calm motion of the water was too calm for one mind. My home is a very comfortable, beautiful, safe and warm place. I love living in my house, but it’s not home if I don’t have my family to comfort me.