Grade 5

St. Albert


Home to me means,
Love, life, warmth.
It gives me my confidence; it is where I have my accomplishments.
It gives me my flair; with the silly and goofy moments,
It gives me my love, my love to my friends, my family, everyone.
Our roots
they bind us together.
But where do the roots start?
Our home.
It is the start to a place we will never forget,
and never will
Just starting with us.
Just us.
Starting the deep, strong roots that hold us together
Our tiny little home, and us,
That is the meaning of home
Home to me means,
Passion, delight, spirit
We will grow, find different homes on the way,
The safest ones,
The ones that we are most comfortable with
Until we can’t see it again.
Find a comfortable place for ourselves
Its sweet scent
It is a place to say what you want to say
You won’t get judged
You’ve been in this house for the millionth time
But that’s what makes it home
It’s the place where you cry
It’s the place where you laugh
It’s a place to say goodbye
It’s the place where it is home