Grade 5



Home is an awesome place to live and do many other important things.I really like my home because I can do lots of fun stuff like basketball,play video games and study. Another reason why I really like home is because you do all of the important stuff like bath,sleep,eat and brush my teeth.Another reason why I like home is because I get to see my family and have a great time with them. I also like home because I really like taking a break after school at home because at recess I play lots of basketball so home really helps me take breaks.Another reason why I like home is because all my great memories will never fade away like all the times with my mom and dad at home .I also like home because it has all the stuff I like and play with like food I like,snacks I like and games I like and if I did not have a home I do not know where I would put all that stuff that I have right now. Another reason why I like home is because it lets me be where no one is there to say that’s uncool or other bad stuff.finally why I like my home is because it is a place that I can see my wonderful family after school.I will always be super grateful my home and I will be always happy for it