Grade 5



Home is a place where I wake up and think of our fallen brothers or soldiers of war.

It is a place of peace and sometimes anger but still, it is home.

You may look at a house and think that is just a house but I look at it as a place where humans can hug their dogs, cats, guinea pigs, spiders, etc.

A home is where I sit and play games with my friends online player vs player.

It is a place where you cook and a place where you think about your dreams.

It is where you play in the seven seas in your mind.

Home is a place to remember the symbols of Canada such as the beaver and the goose, and our fallen from the first man to the last. Home is a place to remember them.

A home is a place where we have friends and family and a house is made of wood, metal, cement, stone, water, power, and insulation.

Everyone needs a home, not a house but a HOME. If I didn’t have a home I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

A home is a place where all should feel safe. Homes can be an apartment, a house, a barn, a cave, or even a spaceship. It doesn’t matter if you are a human or an animal, you need a real home.

Humans nowadays don’t think much of their house as a home but I do. My stepdad and my mom make my home very special.