Grade 6



Brick, stucco and shingles,
rooms, windows and doors,
bathrooms, closets and ceilings,
from walls to hardwood floors.

These are some of the things
that in a house you can always find,
but in my home there is so much more,
they are simply one of a kind.

I call them home
because they are my happy place,
full of love, hugs and kisses
and my own personal space.

Me, my brother, and my sister,
both my mom an dad,
all live in m home,
for this, I am very glad!

We laugh, we frown, we joke around,
we eat and work and play.
No matter what we do
we are together every day.

Kind, caring and supportive,
full of love and never hate
are just a few more reasons
that makes my home just great!

My family is my home
they are the most important part,
for the love of my family
comes straight from the heart!