Grade 6



Home is where I can stay safe at night. Home is where I can be. Home is the right place for me. For those who don’t have a home, it is a happy place for people to roam. When you are comfortable where you are, you know that this is your home.
It is a happy place full of love, like a blessing from above. You know where I am coming from, so shake the maracas bang the drum! I sleep and eat here, I bang and beat drums here. Where I keep all my clothes, even fancy ones for special shows.
I love my house it is small, for those short and tall. Here I stay, here I laugh and play. My house is filled with 100-year-old thing, from blankets to rings.
So if you don’t have a home, whether you be in Paris France, or Rome. Keep my words in mind, for others a home will that person find.