Grade 5

Port Elgin
New Brunswick


What does “Home” mean to me?

It means you have a cold house when you get home from your friends on a nice summer day.

A place where you can laugh, a place where you can cry.

But I’m moving soon so I have to say goodbye.

But I’m not gone yet so I must cherish the moments in my house.

I always walk in the door afterschool and I see my cat being a fool. My cat is either running around or she’s eating because she’s fat. That’s because I love fat cats. Whenever we eat, my cat is always there behind me or beside me on the couch, wanting what I’m eating. I finally give in and give her my food, but my cat won’t eat it because she is a crazy cat. She scratches the wall and my mom yells at her to stop. Or my cat will be digging in my mom’s plants. My only warning is if you have a dog or a cat to hide your stuffies.

That is what home means to me.