Grade 4

St. Thomas



Home is important to me because I have a shelter to live in and be cozy. Home is where I can stay safe and warm. Home is where you can be loved and see your family laughing at jokes. Home is time to get in your cozy bed and read a nice book in peace.

Home is where you can enjoy going into your swimming pool and splashing your cousins. Home is where I smell cookies in the oven and a nice big meal with my family. Home is where I see the lights flickering in all the rooms. Home is where you go in your backyard and get all muddy and then take a bath when you’re done you can get in your pajamas.

Home is time to play fun games with your siblings and fool around. Home is where I can do my homework in privacy. Home is where I can see my friends out the window riding their bikes and have some lemonade. Just imagine having no place to stay and living on the street not knowing where you would go so be proud that you have a shelter and people who take so much care of you.