Grade 4




Home is a special place where you feel safe, loved and where you keep all of your special things. Home is where your family lives.

Home to me is a place where I feel safe. There are lots of neighbors nearby if I need help. If someone I don’t know comes to the door my dog barks loud and mean. My dad makes sure to fix my broken things. He reminds me to do important things.

My home is where I have a loving family. Mom and dad have good jobs to buy food clothes and anything I need. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers that can help me because I am the youngest. I have one dog at mom’s house and 2 guinea pigs and a dog to protect me. Everybody in my family does stuff with me.

To me home is where I keep all my special things. I have my own space. I keep special things in my room like my jewelry, my books , my sports awards and my toys.

Home is my favourite place to be. I am lucky because I have two homes where I feel safe and happy. I love my family and I love I love my home.