Grade 6



A house is just a building, to say the least ,
steel, concrete, and wood, built up piece by piece.
But a home could be from a mansion to a tent,
a place to feel happy, even without a single cent.
My Home is home to memories, of which i hold very dear,
And those memories with my family, make me smile from ear to ear.
I am very lucky to have good food, and a bed,
But some people aren’t fortunate enough to have a place to rest their head.
When you think “i need more of that” when you really have enough,
Think of people who are on the streets, who really have it tough.
Writing in this event, might just seem like words down, on a page,
But it’s so much more than that, it’s helping people of every age.
if in this world, habitat for humanity can have its way,
Then everyone could have a home, a place to rest, a place to stay.