Grade 6



What is home? Home is like no other place. Everyone has one maybe not a house but a home, these two words are different from each other. House a building that people live in. Home is an area where people can feel loved and appreciated. Yes your house can be your home but who said it had to be just your house. Your neighborhood could be your home, a certain area, a province or territory. Even someplace you don’t live, maybe visited could be your home. However one thing that all home’s share is a feeling of good or sad, mad or bad. It is your home and you get to choose what to do in it.
My home is a place where I can relax. The warmth of the heater stinging my body when I come in from the cold outdoors. The smell of the air fresheners flowing throughout the air with a greeting from a cat I know and love. When I sit down on the couch or my bed for a huge nap. I can feel the little fur ball laying up on top of my soft blankets. When I sit down on my chair for a long gaming session with my friends. Where I laugh, where I play and most importantly. Where I love to be.