Grade 6



What is home, what does it mean? Well today I am going to be sharing what home means to me. Home could be anywhere, it could be at the beach, could be in your tree house out in the backyard, or it could be in your room . Home could be with your family and friends but whatever home is to you it will always have a spot in your heart. Today I am going to be talking about what home is to me. First I am going to talk about the five senses and how they are a part of my home. The first sense is smell, home smells like dinner or lunch. Whenever my parents are cooking i can smell it from almost anywhere in the house. The second sense is taste, home taste like when you eat something whether it is a homemade meal or we are eating out i enjoy spending time with the family and to me spending time with the family is home. The third sense is sight, sight would probably be seeing the messy house because the house is normally a mess from playing games with the family. Sense number four is touch, home feels warm and cozy because when the family watches movies everybody has their own fuzzy blanket so we cuddle up and watch a movie with warm popcorn and ice cold ginger ale. Last but not least is sound, home sounds like laughter when we play games or screams when we watch movies or cheering when we go to a family member’s race or game. when my dad goes for biking trips the family goes with him to cheer him on or when one of the kids has hockey the rest of the family comes to cheer us on.