Grade 5

Red Deer


I smell the coffee brewing, I get out of bed and walk down

the hall to my parent’s bedroom, and they’re both awake. As I

walk in, the sun hits my skin, bathing me with warmth. My cats are laying in

the sun, they’re sunbathing! Even though they do it every weekend, it’s still

quite funny. I walk over and kiss my cats on the head and say Good Morning.

I walk down stairs. After I eat, I head back

upstairs and change, then I head over to my friend’s House. At lunch

I head back home with my friend, I feel comfortable, chatting about stuff I

don’t normally chat to people about. When we get to my home we eat, then

head back out to the park. What I’ve learnt is that home is my friends and

family and where I feel safe and comfortable, a place that is a loving place

where you’re always safe, respected, loved and enjoyed for your