Grade 6



What is home? Is it the roof, the floor or perhaps just maybe a little bit more. A house is just shelter but homes are different. So in the end homes depend on happiness and laughter and everything else, that you love and care for deep, deep, down. Homes are about, those things that create love, those things that create memories, no matter what if it’s in your country or in this world! You can call it home. In your home there are things you love, there could be tables or books, you just need to take a look! Everything i’ve said so far is true so just keep listening and you’ll learn something new. In your home history unfolds, memories are created. Friendships aren’t sold. Wherever your home may be, you should feel it, use it as a retreat from whatever you don’t want, or might not need. Without your home there’s one thread not sewn, one piece not connected, one section not known. There are some more things I’d like to tell you and these things are not about houses, there about home. It can be anywhere that you go just know you can call it home. Homes make love, love makes equality and equality saves lives. Homes save lives. So what does home mean to me? It means love, laughter and everything in between.