Grade 6



What could be worse than spending a night without a roof over your head…? As the years pass by living in your home you grow more attached to it, there becomes a connection between you and you’re home, and that connection is love, compassion, gratitude and much more, more than anyone could ever explain. When you walk into your home for the 10th time after a long trip, you still have connections from the first time you walked into your home. The home itself is what matters to you the most and the house is just a building. Family, That matters. Today it’s a warm summer day, you’ve decided you want to lounge on your deck with a cold glass of lemonade and relax for the day. In the winter getting all warm under a blanket on a rocking chair with a nice warm cup of Vanilla tea reading my favorite book series. Home could potentially be a place to share all your emotions, no one is there to judge you, you can feel free to be yourself in your home and express everything you’ve been hiding. Cuddling your pets watching your favorite tv show at night after your day of hard work is done, Sometimes when I go out for a while coming back to the smell of my house is amazing. It smells cozy, like a candle with a pumpkin spice scent had been sitting there forever! Family dinners are so fun, talking to your family about their day, sharing what happened to you during the day and then having a family game night playing Monopoly, when you open it up it smells of fresh paper. Someone might say something funny and then everyone is laughing together, and it’s not at each other it’s with each other.