Grade 4

British Columbia


Home can be anywhere it doesn’t matter what home looks like it is the love inside that counts. Don’t take your home for granted. Some people have to live on the streets and elsewhere and don’t have loved ones to share their life with, don’t get to share their discoveries and adventures and worst of all don’t get to be a part of a family and don’t get to be loved. During Covid-19 home feels like a jail, no way to get in no way to get out, no place to go. But really imagine what would we do without a home. Home is not just where you eat and sleep, it is where you grow to be stronger, to live, and to become ourselves, to be with family and spend time together. We all deserve a home no matter what. Those of you who have a home, you are so lucky you may not realize it now but I bet you can’t even imagine what you’d be if you didn’t have a home. It would be terrible. Everybody should have a a place to love, a place to grow, a place to know and a place to call home.