Grade 4



Home can be a place anywhere.
A tent, mansion, or even a house.
But all that matters,
Is that you are with your family.

Home is a place,
Where I can feel safe and relaxed.
Watching my silly dog
Tear apart the house.
Playing and asking for cuddles.

My house has many parts
The heart of my house is my family.

My house has a room.
That room is my room.
And in that room,
There is a bed.
And that bed is where I rest my head
And where I feel safe at night.

Home is a place where
I don’t have to be scared.
Home is a place where
Delish smells fill the air.

Home is a place where
You can watch your pet,
Dog, cat, and any animal alike.
I watch her sleep, rest and play.
She brings me comfort.

Home is a place where,
You can laugh, relax and be yourself.
When I get cold,
I have a warm fireplace
To stay warm.

When I have friends over,
We have a lot of fun in
My cozy home.

Home means,
A place you can call your own.
A place where to make
A place where I grew up.
A place where I was raised.

When I walk in,
My home welcomes me, my family and my friends.
To me, home is a big blanket
That always keeps me warm.

It pains me to say,
But it is true,
Some people have no home.
No place to go when it is too hot or too cold.
It pains me to say,
But I know that it is true.
So I write this poem,
To make others’ dreams come true.

I love my home, and my home loves me.