Grade 6

British Columbia


What home means to me.
Olivia Mason
Home. When you think of home you probably think about a living room, kitchen, dining room or a bathroom but home has a lot more to it when you think about it.

Now home isn’t necessarily where you where you live, it’s where you enjoy being. Home should be a safe place that makes you happy. Home should be your comfort zone. Your house can be your home. If it makes you feel safe, happy or your house is your comfort zone then that’s probably your home. Home might also be where your family is or where you like to be alone.

Home for me is in nature. I love the forests and plants. Being in nature makes me feel alive, happy but also relaxed and calm. Now the forest might not be the safest place I can be but there really is no safe place in the world.
So I think that if nowhere in the world is safe I might as well choose to be somewhere that I love to be.

Thank you for reading my paper on what home means to me.