Grade 5

Nova Scotia


Home is a place that you could stay warm or cold,
in winter it’s cold,
summer it’s hot,
maybe you spend time outside in the summer or you just need cold air because it’s so hot.
Home is a special place,
it sees almost everything you have been through,
I thought everyone had a home
but I don’t see that now…
nothing really is round
people have choices in life but we don’t pick for them,
having a home is special. It’s a place I could stay in the night until it gets bright,
place where I feel safe,
a place where i can hope,
I live close to my school where it’s cool,
I know my neighborhood,
friends I could play with,
day to day things get older,
some things are new to the other people
it all depends on life
and what the next choices are,
thank you for helping,
home is a special place
it’s not just me
there’s some people out there who really need.