Grade 4



How do you feel when you’re in your home? In my home I feel loved, cozy, and safe! In a home you don’t just have inanimate objects you have loved ones, laughter, emotions, coziness, and memories! When you look for a house you look for a place to have amazing times with but, it’s comfy so when you look for a house you look for a home. In a home you can be yourself and nobody will judge you because they like you just the way you are!

In a home there are memories, memories can be happy, sad, exciting they can be anything, but when you make memories in your home, it’s special! When I play board games with my family it makes a new memory for my family to remember and when they look back on it they will smile!

One more important element for home is emotions, emotions are a good part of a home it helps it be a home not just some house! If emotion weren’t in a home it would be a house because, if it didn’t have emotions then there would be no love, there would be no family, there would be no memories. A home needs emotions without then why call it a home? A home is special because of emotions, it’s just a house not a home without emotions. A home is special!

My home is special. All homes are good in different ways! If you just consider your home a house, then you are wrong if you enjoy it. “Home is where you feel loved, appreciated and safe”(Tracey Taylor). This quote is very true for me and for many other people! Is this quote true for you? I hope this quote is true for you.