Grade 4



A home means having a bed, a warm air and privacy. Think of those people that suffer everyday and have no food or clean water. It just makes us want to invite them into our house. That’s why we can’t take things for granted. We can work together and make sure that we help give to the poor, like pack bags with food or goods for those that don’t have any food or water. Everyone needs privacy – taking a bath or changing clothes is privacy in your home and some people don’t have it. Some people have no warm bed to sleep in and they have to sleep outside, not even in a home. That’s why we are so lucky to have a warm bed to sleep in every single night. We are so lucky that we have a safe house to live in. Some people can’t feel safe and can get hurt without a home.It is great when you come home and someone is waiting for you at home. Some people have no one ever to celebrate with or to talk to, it’s so sad. That’s why having a home means so much, so we can talk together and laugh together.