Grade 5



A home to me is a place that is safe, a place that you are loved and much more.
A home is much more than a place with 4 or more walls and a roof. It’s a place that you feel comfortable, and a place that you’re fed, and also a place that you have a nice cozy bed.
I can’t imagine being homeless, I can’t imagine living without a house or a shelter. Even if it was just a house with 4 walls and a roof.
I also can’t imagine having no food and no place to keep warm, when you’re homeless. You most likely have to be outside in the cold or hot. Today it feels like -30 and when you’re outside you could get frostbite.
In the summer you could get sunburn or you could overheat. There is a lot of kind people in the world, that like to help out. Some people give food, blanket or even money. That’s why having a home is really important.