Grade 6

Mount Pearl
Newfoundland and Labrador


Home By Jaxon Lynch

Home is a place brighter than the sun
Home is where i have lots of fun
Home is where i eat and drink
Also where we made a hockey rink

Home is a place for someone else
Also a place for myself
At home i love my house
We do not have a home for a mouse

At home i eat junk food
I feel in a good mood
I have a very nice bed
Some of my bedsheets color is red

We have lots of money
It makes us feel very sunny
My home is really nice
I do not like the food called rice

My bedroom is where i sleep
I do sometimes make a peep
The living room is where i sit
In winter i wear a mitt

My home does not feel cold
Home is where old stuff got sold
This is what home means to me
This is the home that i see.